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For Bare Bait's "Wall City News" production, I was asked to design six prop lights that were meant to evoke the old Deerlodge Prison in Montana. I chose to design the lights as if they had been cut out of the old prison itself and brought to the stage. At the base, was a thick oil stained concrete block, criss-crossed with rebar and piping. Out of that rises a spare steel tube that reaches up and over, hanging a solitary lamp at a safe distance from the base. Functionally, the lights needed to be moved around the floor by the dancers, arranged in different configurations to evoke different scenes, such as a the prison yard or a cell block. As well, the lamp hoods needed to be able to lower to about 2 feet above the ground, where the dancers sometimes rested, and then back up again. Bare Bait has posted a short video of the performance here.